Your box #14

Pick an item

Play - Guess your location

You'll be dropped in a random location (using google maps of course) somewhere in the world. Your job is to guess where you are by pin pointing on a map. The closer you guess, the more points you'll collect. Just as a disclaimer for all you weary folks, you won't actually be kidnapped.


Listen - Shut out the crap

Working from home hasn't been easy for some of us. Screaming children, multiple distractions from housemates and your partner that has strangely become your co-worker. Block them out and ease your boredom by listening to a mix of your own personalised sounds. If you're more inclined to tweeting birds but also like crashing waves, this mix combines the two. We personally went with wind with a touch of crickets.


Explore - Deals on Amazon

Next time you purchase a product from Amazon to end your boredom, use this site first. It tracks the cost of an item over time to show you if now is the best time to buy, or if you should wait for a drop in price. You could save big time here, or use it to buy low and sell high if you're a bit of a Dell Boy.


Watch - Finally, a decent movie suggestion

You know that friend that suggests a movie and you know full well to avoid it at all costs because, well, they suggested it? This site is like that, but the suggestions are actually very good. They list movies from a range of platforms like Netflix and Prime that aren't that popular or well known, but are definitely worth a watch. So next time your friend suggests a movie, walk away.


Create - Bring drawings to life

This is kind of like Toy Story, but instead of the toys coming to life, the drawings do. If a child has drawn/scribbled their creation on paper, these guys bring that creation to life. Also very similar to Frankenstein in fact. Anyway, it's pretty cool and would keep both you and the kids away from boredom...for at least a bit.


Play - The Wiki Game

If you have ever been bored at school, you will know this game. The goal is to start on a random Wiki page, and end up at a suggested page. For example, you start on the history of potatoes and your goal is to get to the page of Quentin Tarantino. It's great fun and will definitely cure your boredom, even better if you can play it with a friend, the reactions are hilarious.