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Explore - Earn XP from real tasks

Planning out tasks for the week is a great way to stay well away from boredom. Level Up Life is a planning tool where you can earn XP for every task you tick off. It's much better than using a scrap of paper and a great way to motivate yourself to get shit done.


Listen - Discover new music

Let's be honest, anyone who knows good music doesn't want to listen to that pop crap that's in the top charts right now. It's filled with teenagers who are 'trying to find themselves' which makes all the new popular music boring and, well, crap. Type in your favourite artists in this site, and it will suggest other artists who you might like. The closer the names are to your favourite artist, the more chance you'll like them.


Play - More reasons to drink

Just like many folks who have had lockdown birthdays, you might be thinking about having one big celebration with all your friends at once. Problem is, you're a bit of an old fart now and those drinking games you used to play have become tedious and boring. We think you know what's coming here, just open the damn site and have some fun.


Explore - Get out and about

Let's be honest, maps aren't the most exciting of things. These guys though, make it that little bit more interesting, only just though. If you've been thinking about breaking out of lockdown with an awesome road trip, then definitely use Scribble Maps to help plan and make your route way more engaging than it normally would be. Add notes, images, collaborate with friends and get out into the open. Do bring a mask though.


Watch - Track sharks around the world

This might sound odd, but it's strangely addictive. Let us explain. You can track sharks from all over the world, and follow their movement from the latest satellite ping attached to them. It's fascinating and weird at the same time. If the idea of sharks puts you off, they also have friendlier creatures like dolphins and turtles.


Play - A random load of games

This site has a shitload of random easy games. They're by no means great games, but there are quite a lot on here to keep you entertained and bust your boredom. Some you'll find useless and some you will enjoy, either way you will be doing something, also, they are all free.