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Watch - Stop searching, you've found a movie

You know that part of movie night where you're actually trying to find a movie, and it gets to the point where you just can't agree and eventually end up bored shitless with your grandad snoring in the corner. Let's be honest, we've all experienced this at some point. Be done with the arguments and stop wasting movie time by using Flixomat. They'll give you some solid movie suggestions and sort you out in no time.


Learn - Grow some proper veg

If you're one of the many folks that have turned into a keen gardener during lockdown, but you're struggling to grow anything at all decent, then it seems you're in need of a few gardening lessons. You won't be anywhere near the levels of Monty Don, but at least you'll be able to grow a at least a spud.


Explore - Useless websites

Sometimes, the most useless websites on the internet, are the most entertaining. Sounds odd doesn't it, but it's true. Think of it this way, those shitty toys you get in the crackers at Christmas, how long do you spend entertaining yourself with them whilst your family are having the same yearly debate? Point made. Find your useless website now.


Learn - Read and write music

This is something our neighbour needs, their music sounds like three cats being dragged up the motorway. Anyway, before you jump into learning how to play an instrument, it's useful to first understand how to read actual music notes. Similar to chopping down a tree with a banana, it just makes it harder if you don't have the right tools. These guys teach you all you need to know, and for free.


Play - Gotta' fight them all

Who doesn't love Pokemon. We've got the ultimate suggestion that will keep you well away from boredom, pretty much for the foreseeable future. If Pokemon's your thing that is, if it's not, you should probably stop reading now. Still here? Good. This epic site lets you battle and chat with other Pokemon players online at anytime. You'll get matched with a fellow player, and given a team of Pokemon's. It's your mission to, well, you know the aim. Jump in the arena and defeat your first opponent!


Explore - Useless shit

Similar to useless websites highlighted in this box, there's also a lot of useless crap you can buy that's actually pretty funny and will definitely kill your boredom, even if it is for a little while. They literally have everything, from offensive Mario Kart badges (damn that blue shell) to a chicken harness, so you can take your feathery little friend on a walk. See what crap takes your fancy.