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Create - Animate your drawings

Ever wondered what your drawings would look like if you could bring them to life? Nope, us neither. Totally cool if you have though, and we’ve got the perfect tool for you. Even if you just like drawing random shit, you can bring life and animation to it. Kind of like Forky from Toy Story 4.


Explore - A pub atmosphere of your choice

Some of you folks might be of the opinion that pubs aren’t what they used to be. Locals shutting down to make way for dancefloor bars where teens go to sing along to Taylor Swift (gives us shivers). There is an alternative though, go online. We get it, sounds odd, but this site aims to be the web equivalent of a pub. Talk about what you want, and if creepy old men aren’t your thing, they’re way more easy to avoid here. Grab a pint, fetch some nuts and get step into the pub atmosphere of your choosing.


Learn - Make learning enjoyable

We get it, learning can sometimes be as dull as a cow chewing grass. Yet it doesn’t have to be. Imagine if you could choose how you want to learn, whether that be games, movies books, and you then get given a shitload of useful resources? Well obviously we have a suggestion for this, so go ahead and see for yourself. No need for those boring lectures again.


Play - A new type of Uno

Your Uno cards are most likely packed away in a drawer where all the other crap goes sit for eternity, until that family trip comes around and they’re dug out again. Show them cards some love, with things you love. Personalise your own Uno cards and make playing Uno more enjoyable. Literally upload any photo you want to the wild card and let the laughs come flooding in.


Challenge - Get out of the rut

There’s been two types of folks over the course of lockdown. The pumped up productive peeps creating projects and ideas, and the bingers working their way through every possible Louis Theroux documentary. Either one is cool, but if you’re looking to step over to the more productive side of you, but have no idea where or how to start, then you’re in for a treat.


Watch - A classic of a comedy drama

Sure, Friends, How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men are all great shows, but in terms of life learnings, they’re nothing compared to Scrubs. If you want to feel a sense of nostalgia and re-visit some of the best lessons you learnt back in the day, you can, and all the episodes are in one place. If you’re ever in need of a reminder in what really matters in life, reach back out to J.D and Turk.