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Listen - Listen to Wikipedia

Sounds odd, but this site actually lets you listen to the creative juices of Wikipedia from users all around the world. Every time someone makes an edit, uploads some information or pretty much anything, you'll hear a sound. This may well be a guitar strum or a ping of a keyboard but either way, it's enchanting to actually hear knowledge being shared...


Challenge - Take on the corporates, quicker

Have you ever spent ages trying to find a contact number for that company who sold you a dodgy product, only to prevail with an email that no one responds to? Yeah, it sucks right. This site brings an end to those annoying bots and automated email responses and connects you with actual human beings. So you can get your problem sorted, quicker.


Create - A budget Photoshop

Maybe you just want to create some funny pics of your friends head on animal bodies, or edit that annoying ex out of your holiday snaps. If this is all you need it for, don't bother spending all that cash on Photoshop, use these folks instead. Of course it's not as good, but it'll get you that photo of Cameron Diaz on your arm.


Learn - Become a DIY guru

Granted, if your fridge blows up there isn't really anything you can do about it, but if it's not a biggy, don't pay over the odds for it to be fixed. These guys take you on a step by step tutorial and show you how to fix your appliance. You could even do it whilst working from home during one of those long boring meetings and save yourself a bit of cash.


Play - This is really

This may well be the most useless site we've ever shown you, and you know what, we're proud of that. Move your cursor and click to release the never ending sand onto your screen. The sand will fall to the bottom of your device and build up depending on where your cursor is. It's as useful as an elephant in a minefield, but hey, it's what we're here for.


Play - Old Nintendo favourites

Gather round folks, because this is one heck of an interesting and entertaining site. If you have any ROMs lying around, upload them onto this site and play your favourite SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) from your browser with your friends! You won't get any work done from home, but who the fuck cares. Go play!