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Create - Release your inner Mozart

Upload your music sheets and make some money! If you have an ear for creating the sweet sound of an addictive tune, then instead of uploading the standard video onto YouTube just like the thousands of other wannabe Justin Biebers, get your music onto here. If people like it, they'll pay you to use it. Who knows, you might even write the next song for Rick Astley.


Create - A clear to do list you won't do

Let's be honest, sometimes all we want is a pen and paper to write down our tasks. Instead, we get complicated planning tools that want to log when you plan on wiping your arse. Ditch that and get this, clear and easy to use for the tasks you won't do anyway.


Explore - No more late night disturbances

Picture this, you've spread your wings and moved to another country far away from any family to start a brand new adventure. You come back from a long day at work, fall into bed and start to drift off to a blissful sleep. Next thing you know your Gran is on the phone completely unaware she is a few hours behind and insists on asking how your day went and what you had for dinner. Long story, short message, just send them this link.


Play - Hum that tune

This site leans more towards helping you find that song you just couldn't remember what, or who sang it. We however, being immature adults, like to play a game to see who gets the most songs guessed by this site. Hum or sing a song and the little man stuck in the machine will list a few options it thinks it could be. If you have the voice that brings with it a new type of torture, I'd probably give this one a miss...


Read - How to be a man...apparently

Now we're not saying this is how to be a man, it's just a guide provided for all those wannabe men who might be men but don't know how to be a man. Still with us? Great, because we're lost. This site probably requires your own thoughts and takeaways, so go ahead, we're staying out of this one.


Learn - Take a ride down the River Styx

Ahh the enchanting and wonder of Greek mythology. The only lesson that was actually interesting at school and let your mind run wild. Jump aboard and take a trip down this interactive experience with Charon, your guide who will teach you, or your young warriors about Greek mythology whilst navigating down the River Styx.