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Cook - No more food waste

We’ve all been here, we cook more food than we actually need and sense the imploding guilt setting in as we fear the knife scraping food into the bin. Well ease up a second would you. Because we’ve got just the solution for you to never waste food again, and it comes from the good folks over at Love Food Hate Waste.


Create - Be kind, don't cook

Right now, the humble dinner party is not a welcomed luxury we have, in fact, it’s very much illegal. Now we ain’t about getting you in trouble here, so instead of going ahead and hosting an underground dinner party with your friends, host a virtual one instead. That way, if your food is shit, no one will know anyway.


Read - Make use of quality lockdown time

No one knows how long lockdown is really going to last, so why not learn something new whilst you’re hibernating? If you’ve always wanted to learn how to cook but never had the time, then your time is literally now and a cookbook is the best place to start. Order, open the book and start cooking!


Watch - Are you an idiot sandwich?

What’s more entertaining than Gordon Ramsey shouting and hurling verbal abuse at wannabe chefs? Well if you find out, be sure to let us know. Here’s a combination of Gordan’s funniest moments, trust us, when you start these, you won’t be able to stop.


Learn - Enroll in a cooking course

If you learn more from watching than reading, then scrap our idea about a cookbook and set up an account with these guys at Udemy. You’ll be able to start a whole range of cooking classes, from spicy aromatic flavours, to the boring British pub meals like fish and chips. Whatever you want to cook, they’ll have a lesson for it. Unless you’re into weird shit…


Challenge - Challenge accepted?

You might think of yourself as a bit of a pro cook already, and if so, then you’re probably going to want something a bit more challenging than a cookbook. So instead, enter an online cooking competition and prove what you can really do. Gordon Ramsey won’t be giving you a raging list of verbal abuse, but you can win a prize and become a food partner if you make it into the top 10.


Listen - Nonesne about food

If your life revolves around food (ours sure does) then why on earth have you not listened to The Kitchen Is On Fire podcast? They talk about all things food and the nonsense that’s served up in some modern gastronomy restaurants that you’ll have to sell your house to afford.