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What's this all about

Think of us as a sieve. All the big nuggets of this world like Twitter and YouTube have been discovered, jeez you’d have to be Stevie Wonder to miss them.

What about those smaller gold flakes still floating around waiting to be found? That’s where us, the sieve, comes in.

We get rid of the crap, and leave those sweet glistening pieces of pure gold waiting for you in weekly boxes.

If you need extra help, the gold is a metaphor for cool unknown websites 🀦

the best of the web

Why should you bother?

Because we’ve spent a shit load of time sieving through the web to box up these items you ungrateful turd. Also because…πŸ™‚

You're bored

Let’s be honest, boredom sucks. Next time you think about going to the fridge for the one hundredth time, open a box instead and discover something new. Instead of manky old cheese.

You like new toys

You’re a nerd, we get it. Don’t shy away from it folks, being a nerd is cool these days and if like us, you enjoy discovering new and entertaining unknown sites, then you’re in good hands.

You set trends

You don’t really, but you like to think you do. So next time you arrive at a party, you can pull out the latest items you’ve discovered. It will keep the party going for hours and you’ll for sure be invited back.

What to expect

You won’t find anything you already know. We’re not going to suggest watching Netflix or listening to music through Spotify. Instead you’ll have a ton of variety here, from fun productive items, to completely useless ones all packaged up in weekly boxes. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, that’s boring.

Hey, there's also a blog

Well, now you're ready to start

Now we’re acquainted, go and discover cool unknown items flying under the radar by opening your first box πŸ“¦