This weeks unboxing

Box 73 delivered on 24th September 📦

It’s official ol’ friends, summer has been and gone. Fall is now upon us bringing crisp morning dew on the sun-kissed fields, giant maple tree leaves turning a soft hint of brown and people far and wide beginning to plan their halloween costumes.

Now if you’re a pessimist you would most likely interpret that as cold ass mornings, leaves blocking up your gutter and adults who shouldn’t be allowed out get to roam as scary clowns (Piers Morgan has dibs on that costume).

Whilst you’re mulling over what costume you’re going to wear (let’s be honest, everyone will be The Joker) have a little rummage in Box 73.

Are you not entertained?

Well before you go ahead and give us the Julio Cesar treatment; bear in mind we have tons more items for you to explore, bigger than an Amazon warehouse.