Your box #10

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Cook - Bake some decent bread

It seems like the whole nation has downed tools and started making bread. Some look (and taste) like absolute dog shit, others not so bad. Either way, you can improve your bread baking skills by joining a class with the experts, Bread Ahead.


Watch - See the Northen Lights

Often mistaken for street lights in Newcastle when you've had a few, but this is the real thing. Some people pay seriously good money to see the northern lights and end up seeing nothing at all. Stay home, stay alert and watch the lights from your couch.


Learn - Take a photography course

If you've become an influencer just like everyone else these days, and you're struggling to get that perfect photo for an extra few likes, then it's probably time you took a photography course. Or, if you're a nature lover, this would help in getting a photo of that beautiful beast.


Explore - Book a holday, everyone else is

It seems like the human race have decided the pandemic is grab your suitcase and sanitisers and book your first holiday from Secret Escapes. They're offering you a full refund when a second wave comes and you have to cancel...


Listen - Shakespeare plays read by the cast

As Freddie Mercury once said, the show must go on. If you're craving a bit of Shakespeare whilst you are stuck at home, there are weekly readings from all plays of Shakespeare by the cast themselves.


Play - Raise a new Sims family

Organising toilet breaks, cleaning up puddles (after you missed the toilet break) and random people walking through your house. Only a few hurdles you have to overcome daily as you grow your virtual family and buy your dream home. Just try not to take it as seriously as u/kaptingavrin over on Reddit...


Learn - Make proper pasta

Learn how to make proper pasta with Nonna Norina, an Italian grandmother teaching you from her own family kitchen. Do we really need to say anymore?