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Play - Combine two sports

If you're not part of the elite players that are allowed to play football, take your talents elsewhere and combine them with golf. It's basically getting a ball into a hole, but on a golf course, it's pretty cool.


Watch - Headliners at Glastonbury

Glastonbury is just another main event added to the cancel list this summer, but hey, it's just a sign of the times. This week marks the start of the world renowned music festival, known for its knee deep in mud festival goers. Re-watch the best of the headliners, from a David Bowie masterclass to a rock sensation session from The Foo Fighters. Best part is, you don't need to wait hours in a queue to get access and you won't be kicked out.


Create - Make your own gin

Hold a competition with friends and family to see who can make the best gin with this gin making kit. The idea is to let is infuse for as long as you can to get the ultimate that's a challenge within itself.


Play - All your PC games from one space

It seems as the weeks of lockdown have increased, so to have the amount of games you've been playing. Now you've probably got a variety of games from different providers splashed all over your computer, maybe it's getting a bit messy? Tidy them up and move them all into one place, it will do your sanity wonders, trust us.


Watch - Step into the West End

The record breaking musical Hamilton is now on Disney Plus. Unfortunately for you, the folks over at Disney have removed the free trial period. Although, just think of the cost you'll save. A price of £5.99 to give you access to Hamilton, and other blockbusters for one month, which you can then of course cancel. Compared to spending a few hundred pounds on seeing it live...we know which one we'd choose.


Explore - No last orders at home...

As of tomorrow (4th July) the pubs are open again. Now if you aren't a sandwich short of a full picnic and have your wits about you, it's most likely you'd prefer to stay well away from the peanut bowl on the bar and in fact the bar itself. Instead, Fullers are offering a virtual pub experience with events that you can get involved with at home. So no need to risk your health just for a pint.


Cook - Indulge in Wimbeldon recipes

We would have just been wrapping up the first week of Wimbledon by now. A time when Kyrgios would have most likely been suspended, and the grannies drooling over "what a polite young man that Rodger Federer is". That's obviously not the case this year, but, good ol' Jamie Oliver is bringing Wimbledon inspired recipes into your own home, so you can get in on at least some action over the next week. Quick tip, buy some Pimms before they sell out...