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Create - Make your own mask

Nope, not for Halloween. We're talking about face masks for going out and about again now that lockdown is lifting. They're compulsory in some places and especially on public transport, so you might as well wear one you actually like and find comfortable. Also very handy if you are looking to avoid someone, like an ex.


Listen - Shakespeare plays read by the cast

Peter Crouch, the dude famous for the robot dance, now has his own podcast. It's a hilarious listen to old stories and what actually goes on off the pitch. It's the perfect podcast to get you laughing and intrigued to hear more. Best part is they're on the fourth season, so you have a huge backlog of episodes to keep you occupied.


Challenge - Join a baking competition

Ever wanted to join the Bake Off but just couldn't work up the courage? Or maybe it was just Paul Hollywood that put you off. Either way, you can join your own baking competition and team up with friends to battle it out at one of many competitions around the UK, hosted by The Big London Bake. You get your own station and 90 minutes to bake a worthy winning recipe.


Learn - Convert old VHS tapes to digital

Now we've got some more time on our hands, head to the loft and dig out those old vhs tapes from the good ol' days when life was that little bit easier. Convert them into digital, so your memories will never get lost. Just don't forget to rewind that tape when you're finished...


Watch - Movies from your car

There's now another reason why you'd drive to a field in the middle of nowhere with your partner and a group of random people. This time though, it's to watch a movie. Cinemas aren't open, yet, so there's a ton of areas across the UK you can drive in and watch a film from your car.


Learn - Enrol at Harvard University

Take a course at one of the most well known universities in the world, Harvard. Now before you go out and sell all your possessions, you'll be pleased to hear some of the online courses are free. All you LinkedIn lovers will be all over this.


Explore - Leonardo Da Vinci's notebook

Take a step back in time and flick through the notebook of a genius online. You'll get to see all of his drawings and notes he made throughout his lifetime that led to some of Leonardo's greatest inventions.