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Challenge - Couch to 5K

If you've put on a few extra pounds since lockdown (lets be honest who hasn't) then this is kind of perfect for you. It helps to get you up and out, ready to hit the outside world again. Or feel free to stay on the couch, we won't judge.


Explore - Make money out of boredom

Maybe you're the type of person who's happy to sit on a device and chill during your boredom state, why not make money whilst you do it? Get paid to answer surveys instead and you'll literally be making money from boredom.


Learn - Make origami

You've most likely made paper planes before, but have you ever tried origami? It's a similar thing, just takes a lot longer to do, requires patience and you probably can't throw it across the room once you're done. Still fun though...


Create - Avoid the pubs with your beer

A few weeks back, we told you to make your own gin. Now if that's gone to shit, or you have already drank that, then start making your own beer instead. You're more likely to be successful at this one, can't exactly drink hops.


Play - Slender Man online

Turn the lights off, open your laptop and get a tissue. Because The Slender Man is hunting you down and you're going to need some tissues to wipe away those tears once you get caught. It's pretty terrifying but definitely exciting.


Explore - Search for the 'one'

For many, lockdown has been a struggle. Rise in divorces, broken relationships and then there's you. If only you could of had a partner to break up with during lockdown. Well there's most likely a second wave coming so get yourself on the dating scene with Bumble.