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Explore - Don't get bugged

Next time you sign up to a website, use these guys first. Pop in the site URL and it will check to see if the community have shared logins already, saving you money and your inbox the hassle of getting spammed. Granted, some logins won't work, but they show you how likely the credentials are to work, handy.


Listen - Travel back in time

Are you tired of pumping up your stereo to the shit that's on the radio? Yep, so are we folks. Take a step back in time to hear where real music came from based on the countries roots. It's a place where music lovers share their music collection from over the decades and combine them onto a global radio station, for music lovers everywhere. Sweet.


Play - The original Space Jam

Feel a sense of nostalgia with Space Jam, the game. If you're old enough to remember this or have even watched the movie itself, you can remember how many hours this passed. If you can't, but you're one of the many who've watched The Last Dance on Netflix, you're sure to love this. Just in time before Space Jam II coming in 2021...


Watch - An infinite zoom

Before you jump the gun, no, it's not an endless Zoom call with your colleagues, that would bring you beyond the point of boredom for sure. Lose yourself in this enchanting zoom that's both mysterious and so wacky that you'll think you're tripping on that homemade gin we told you to make a few weeks back.


Play - Spend hours moving your cursor

Your cursor hasn't brought this much joy since clicking that "clear history" button just before your folks walked by. Anyway, now you can use it to mess around with online images. It's not going to make much sense if we explain it, so instead, do yourself a favour and just play the damn thing.


Learn - Expand your knowledge

If you're the type of person that believes the earth is flat, in other words, a total whack-job, then you're in serious need of learning some basic principles about the world we live in. Or, if you're a normal person and have a thirst for knowledge, then go ahead and quench your thirst by learning about all sorts of interesting facts.