Your box #18

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Challenge - Don't get distracted by the Jay's of this world

We all know the feeling when you set aside an hour to really focus on something you want to get done. Only problem is, you hear that dreaded 'ping!'. Your eyes get drawn to the top right of the screen, only to see your friend who's like Jay from The Inbetweeners sending you a gross photo. Don't get distracted by Jay, use Flow to block all distractions.


Create - One day more...

It seems like an age away, but one day, Covid 19 restrictions will be lifted and we'll be able to go about our usual mundane daily tasks. Don't be a bore this time, plan your top 5 things you will do once lockdown is over and make sure you do them! Think of it as the shackles have been lifted and you're free to roam, unlike the animals in Joey Exotics zoo...


Listen - An answer for that strange question

Granted, this isn't the most helpful suggestion, but it damn sure is interesting. Ever had that random thought of wondering if someone, somewhere in the world started playing the same song as someone else at exactly the same time? Well the folks over at Spotify created this site to tell you exactly that. It's as useless as the red lights in Grand Theft Auto, but still fun.


Create - Get those ideas finally created

There's so much shit going on in the world right now that may have just inspired you to write your own book, novel or even poem. Now the problem with this is you just can't sit down and concentrate. This is where Writty makes a grand entrance, and the beauty of it is, there's actually nothing grand about it. It's clear, easy and basic, perfect for getting to what really matters, the story.


Cook - Use that hoarded pasta

Cast your fine o'l mind back to the beginning of lockdown when mankind flocked to the stores like seagulls to a trawler to grab mainly two items, pasta and toilet roll. Now we're sure you've found a way to use the toilet roll, but what about all that pasta stocked up in your cupboards? Well say no more folks, we have a solution.


Watch - Home alone...but your pets

What do your pets really get up to whilst you're away? Maybe the dog really did eat your childrens homework, or break that priceless vase. Either way, there was no real way of knowing...until now. Watch what your furry pals really do while you're not at home and you'll be entertained for hours. Either that or realise your partner has a weird fetish...