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Play - AirConsole

Use code 9022020 to get 30 days free access to AirConsole. Turn your computer or SmartTV into a video game console and use your smartphone as your gamepad!


Explore - Take a virtual tour

Jump off the sofa and into an online virtual tour of 30 different locations around the world. From world famous museums, to exotic zoos and aquariums.


Challenge - Take on an epic adventure

Choose your very own challenge, from running the length of Route 66, to completing the distance of the English Channel. You’re no longer just going for a run, you’re conquering a challenge.


Create - Your own Fifa tournament

Remember when football cured our boredom? So do we. Anyway, whilst we’re waiting for football to come home (couldn’t resist), you can create your own online FIFA tournament.


Watch - Live music concerts

Watch live music concerts from the comfort of your not so comfy sofa. You can literally plan your days based on Billboards constantly updated live upcoming concerts.


Learn - A new instrument

There’s never been a better time to learn how to play an instrument. All you need is, well, an instrument and this awesome website to teach you.


Read - Dive into your personal library

Turn over a new page by getting 30 days free access to Scribd. It’s basically a massive online library, the only difference is no late return fees (You probably don’t go to libraries anymore anyway).