Your box #20

Pick an item

Challenge - Take a snap, have a chat

Fancy yourself as a bit of a photographer? Well instead of uploading your epic snaps onto Instagram only for Karen to post "Hmm, it's ok but could be better", you can get proper feedback from your peers on a site dedicated to photographers. You'll start as a newbie, and collect badges to reach the pinnacle Guru status.


Explore - Jump in and drive anywhere...

Pick a city, choose a radio station to rock out to, and let the road take you on a journey. Explore the sights as you're driven through world famous cities. If you feel it's going too slow, just speed right on up. So, where's your destination?


Challenge - Nike, but on steroids

This site makes Nike's "Just Do It" campaign sound like your parents ordering you to tidy your bedroom. If you've become a bit of a lazy ass recently, and you have a goal in mind yet you just can't bring yourself to actually start it, then you need this for sure. Add your goal, set an amount you'll pay as a forfeit if you don't do it, and throw in a supervisor's email you trust to keep you on the straight and narrow. Just fucking do it.


Create - Bob Dylan would be proud...

Just like Britney Spears, you might need a bit of help writing your own lyrics (and singing). If the best you can create is on par with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, then you're in need of a little push and a bit of inspiration. Choose a topic based on the emotion you're going for and select a genre, you'll soon get a lyric sheet giving you a whole song to perform. Just please don't lip sync.


Play - Take on the weatherman

Cast your mind back to 1987, if you can. The year where Michael Fish, a UK weatherman, received a call from a lady telling him and his team that a hurricane was on the way. Michael went on air that evening telling UK viewers that it was basically nonsense. We're sure you can guess what followed if you don't already know. Anyway, the point is, they're not always right. So take them on and earn some money whilst you do it by betting on the weather...yes, it's a real site.


Learn - Become the next Stevie Wonder

"Learning an instrument takes time, and sometimes, a song is released that inspires you to actually want to learn how to play it yourself. Luckily for you folks, we have the perfect suggestion. Study and learn the keys from popular songs at the touch of your keyboard, you will of course need an actual keyboard or piano eventually, but let's start off with the basics for now."