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Learn - Whatever you want

This handy site could put your knowledge on par with the likes of Elon Musk...well maybe not that level but definitely above Trump (jeez, even a rock is above his intelligence). Type in the topic you want to learn, and you'll be presented with an interactive mind map to explore a wide range of material to boost your knowledge.


Read - Feel guilty about your life

If you're ever feeling guilty about what on earth you are doing with your life, look no further than Super Bowie. Enter your age and they'll tell you exactly what David Bowie had done at that age compared to yours, and trust us, that dude did a lot. You never know, it might force you to make Changes...sorry.


Explore - Turns out pets could just be for Christmas...

Maybe you have a pet that's become super used to having you around during lockdown, but the dreaded back to work announcement looms from your untrustworthy boss, who let's be honest, probably just wants to get away from the partner and kids. Point is, your pet is still going to need that attention, so let other animal lovers share the load and do all the walking and playing for you instead. There's a ton of trustworthy people who just want the company of an animal for a few hours, it's a win win.


Create - Think before you ink...

Thinking of getting a new tattoo, or maybe never had one before? Well the first thing you should do is stop the fuck there. Yeah, you heard us. A tattoo is a big commitment, you don't want something on your body for the rest of your life that you despise, you probably have enough of that with your partner already. Use this tool to see if the tattoo you want suits you and is the perfect fit.


Explore - Bring patents back to the future

Bit of an odd one this but strangely cool. You've most likely used at least one of these patented pieces of technology before, whether it's a Nintendo 64, or an electric guitar. These guys place those retro patent designs into frames for you to have as art around your house. It's basically even more of an excuse for the young folks to call you old buy hey, at least you're retro.


Learn - Any language you want

Back at school, it was hard to learn a language. Everyone's on a different level, you got one guy in the corner with a pencil up his nose, and another whack job playing with their chewing gum. It's a wonder you can even string a sentence in French together! Anyway, it's not too late. Get a dedicated 1-1 teacher who will help you to learn any language you want, with full concentration.