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Challenge - No more 9 - 5?

“Workin' 9 - 5, what a way to make a livin” in the famous words of the singing Doll. She has a point though, this working from home life has given us all a more flexible routine. With more time to do the things we enjoy, as humans, not robots. If you've been thinking of becoming your own boss and taking that leap to kick off your own idea, then look no further than this site. It will give you a ton of useless crap, but one idea might just strike a home run.


Create - Add a few inches

Woah, steady there. For all you dirty minded folks out there, this isn't what you think...although we did expect to be hearing Michael Scott's “That's what she said” in a matter of seconds. Anyway, surprise your family and friends with a life size cutout of yourself that's 25 inches in height, and will be the centerpiece to any party. Better yet, if your ex has ended things, use it as a pinata.


Explore - Find your doppelgänger

Ever had someone say to you, “Ohh hey, I just saw someone who looked exactly like you”, only for you to walk out of the office and see them point out a dude that's about 20 pounds larger and has a wonky eye? Well no more will you have to be compared to Comic Book Guy. Take fate into your own hands and find your doppelgänger by uploading your image and let these guys to the rest. Then if it turns out you do in fact look like Comic Book Guy, you'll just have to accept you're ugly dude.


Create - You are not alone...ever

What if we told you that you could have someone to confide in, talk about your day and vent to when it's been a shitty one? Now you might be thinking you've got your partner for that, or you might in fact consider yourself as a lone ranger. Well now, that all changes with Replika, an AI bot that is always there to listen and talk. Unfortunately it's not physical, so no, you can't touch it. Next week we'll be providing best practices from I Robot and Terminator, you have a nice day now...


Cook - Restaurant quality meals at home

Just like us, you may be spending a tad too much money on takeaways these days which is no shame at all. If you're wanting to tighten up those purse strings and save a bit more, we've found a nifty site that gives you everything you need to cook restaurant quality meals at home. As long as you don't fuck it up that is.


Play - Break out from your walls

Playing games on computers is great, but you're most likely fixed to your room on a standard size screen. How about instead, you could piss off your whole family and play games on the large screen television in the living room to enhance your experience. Or stop your Mum nagging at you for being in your room for too long when instead you can go outside and carry on playing your favourite games. Well now folks, you can.