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Challenge - Ruin their day with glitter

Who'd have thought glitter would be so annoying? Strategically attack your enemies in life with glitter. Yes, it's childish, but heck it's fun. Rain terror upon them with a touch of Spongebob's personality to make their day, or week, a struggle of cleaning that shit up. If only you could be a fly on the wall when they open it!


Explore - Get out, but not lost

The thought of doing anything other than your standard walk or run may well seem daunting to you right now, there's also a good chance you'll probably get lost and end up at your favourite chicken shop again...coincident. Going off track and knowing exactly how many miles you're doing has been made super easy by these guys. Map it out, get out.


Learn - Make English less weird

We get it, the English language can be as confusing as Year 8 Pythagoras theorem (that shit came in useful didn't it…) but it doesn't have to be. Ever stood next to some English folk who use a saying that completely knocks you off course? For example “I'm chuffed to bits”, now you may well be thinking “What on God's green earth does that mean” and you'll be right. It kinds sounds like you've been riding a bike for too long. This site will tell you exactly what the sayings mean, and put them into context. Get learning the odd English language now, so you can have a chinwag...


Listen - Your very own Flubber

For those who know Flubber, you're in for a little treat. Those that don't, please go and educate yourself. The little green dude doesn't do much, but give him a poke and he'll greet you with a grunt or moan. Perfect for confiding in when work isn't going your way, it's pretty much an imaginary friend on your screen.


Play - Become Bear Grylls

Mess around with Earth, Wind and Fire (not the band) to create a range of different materials. Aim of the game is to create as many as you possibly can by dragging both elements and materials together to form a new creation. This will come in very handy if you're stuck out in the wild and need to drink your own piss just like Bear Grylls.


Play - Have your mind read

Think of a character, actor or pretty much anyone famous and let this creepy dude take it away and guess what's on your mind. Perfect for wasting time at your office desk or with friends. If the Akinator can't guess your person after asking a number of questions, you win. Very similar to your partner knowing exactly what you're thinking at the exact point you don't want them to.