Your box #24

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Explore - To your laptop, and beyond!

Explore the galaxy by diving into this void of space matter. Zoom in and out to travel through the Milkyway and immerse yourself in this jaw dropping visualisation of our spot in this vast universe. It ain't no Elon Musk trip, but it'll do for now.


Cook - A bit of this, a bit of that

Pick the ingredients you want in your dish, and these guys take care of the rest. It's like having your very own chef, but you don't have to pay an arm and a leg to afford them. This is perfect for those nights where you have no idea what to cook, and eventually end up slumped out on the couch eating crisps and sugary shit instead.


Watch - That's what she said!

Anyone else have that annoying dude in the office who can't stop saying ‘That's what she said'? Yeah, we feel ya. If you're a fan of The Office (USA version) then you're in for a real treat here. This site is dedicated to showing your favourite characters breaking the 4th wall, a rare occurrence in showbusiness.


Create - Pump up the jam

Don't quite know how to explain this one, so we'll hit it head on. It's basically an animated crew of beatboxers that help you create your own music experience. Drag the items on top of the dudes and they'll automatically start creating a jam. Go ahead and make your sound, and hey, it can't be any worse than Little Mix...


Play - Annoying as heck

This is so annoying, yet strangely addictive. Find the invisible cow, on an invisible screen...stick with us on this. Everytime you move your cursor across the screen, you'll hear a range of noise mainly saying the word ‘cow'. Now, it's your job to work out where the invisible cow is and click when you think you found it. The annoying bloody thing will then reveal itself. Have fun, but wear headphones for sure.


Read - If company walls could talk...

We all know some companies don't care about shit apart from making money, but what if the walls in those executive meetings could talk? Well they'll probably say something along the lines of these honest slogans that are both hilarious and somewhat true.