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Play - Support and play

Play this word game whilst you’re bored at work and in doing so, you’ll be providing communities from around the world with vital food they need! Each question you get right, these good folks will donate a grain of rice to those in need. Your entertainment could be someone else’s next meal!


Explore - Grab some deals off top sites

Don’t waste your time shopping around endless sites to get a few percent off here and there. Instead, go to one place and they’ll show you some epic savings you can bag yourself. Granted, not all of it might be your kinda thing, but you could pick up a few gifts here at cut price costs way ahead of time for ol’ St Nick to pay a visit.


Read - Browse hilarious autocorrect fails

If you’re in need of a bit of a giggle, as we all are right now...then look no further than good ol’ autocorrect. The tool that can ruin your life in one message, and pretty much no coming back from unless you send a barrage of sincere apologetic messages saying you have no ducking idea what happened...


Challenge - How long can you wait...

How patient are you, really? Well now’s the time to find out. Similar to Chinese water torturte, you’ll need to wait for this loading screen to eventually reveal the page. The question is, will it actually load anything at all? There’s only one way to find out (We take no responsibility for broken screens).


Challenge - Prank your pals

Just in time for Amazon Prime day. You can now find a potential partner on the largest online store in the world, Amazon. Browse through a selection of attractive folks all who come with a cost and can be dispatched the next day. Is this real? Absolutely not, but your pals don’t know that do they?


Play - No pals? No problem

If lockdown has you down and all your pals are out breaking the rules, find comfort and play a game with this trusty AI friend. You can’t really see it, you just know it’s there, much like a fart really. Anyway, you draw the object that’s on the card to the best of your ability and this AI guesses, surprisingly enough, it’s pretty good.