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Create - VR a bed into your room

This site is perfect if you are looking to get new furniture around the place. It lets you place a VR bed into your room to see if it would fit, saving you time going out to measure. Not only is it great for getting shit done on a practical level, you can also have a bit of fun with it and compare sizes of famous pop culture figures, like actually telling you how tall Jar Jar Binks really is!


Challenge - Hold a pumpkin carving competition

Sometimes the thought of carving a pumpkin just seems like a chore, but the kids really want you to do it and you'll look like a total dick if you don't. To make it a bit more interesting, place a bet and challenge your friends to see who has the best carving skills. If you need an upper hand, these guys give you the stencils to make your pumpkin look epic.


Create - A Halloween to never forget...

If you're looking to make a real effort this Halloween, don't bother with those cheap looking costumes. Browse through some of these horrifying fancy dress ideas that are enough to scare the crap out of anyone and is even on par with the thought of your nans towel dropping as she leaves the bathroom (gives us shivers).


Cook - Treats you won't want to share

You won't want to give these treats away, unless you're a very generous person of course. If you are more inclined to keep the good things in life to yourself, then mix up a batch of these cupcakes and brownies. They're perfect for chomping on during another Friday 13th movie whilst you're pretending not to look. Yeah...we know the trick.


Read - Your odd question answered

Some of you may have been gazing up at the night sky after cracking open a few cold ones and asking yourself, or your partner who's now no longer listening, “I wonder how many people there are in space right now?” Well our tipsy friends, we can now provide you with that answer. FYI, this just counts humans, no baby Yoda's or green martians included in this count.


Explore - Size really does matter

Ever wondered how big your country really is compared to the rest of the world? Maybe you're like the UK and have small man syndrome so that when you come up against bigger countries, you act out. Or, your country is a friendly giant just like Canada who will always hold the door open for you even if you kick them in the balls. Anyway, drag and drop countries to see how they compare to the rest of the world.