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Learn - Your own personal coach

You'll find no coaches here with those awful short shorts your PE teacher used to wear back in the day. Instead you can expect to find dedicated coaches who will get you to your goal, no matter what it is. From learning a new skill, to enhancing your career, they've got it all.


Explore - Death by caffeine

We all know someone who drinks a tad too many gallons of caffeine a day. What if you could actually find out how many cans of their favourite caffeinated drink would bring them to their death. We think you know where this is going. Select the beverage of choice, enter the weight and boom, death by number of cans revealed.


Challenge - Do nothing for 2 minutes

Kids running around the house, partner screaming at the sports channel or maybe you just feel like you need a minute. It's cool, everyone does now and then. Use this site to tap out of the hustle and bustle by taking two minutes to yourself by closing your eyes and listening to the waves. It made us so relaxed we fell asleep during work and got fired.


Read - Perfect for all you grinches

Now some of you out there love Christmas, and then there are others who let's just say, aren't overly keen on the festive time of year. Granted, some folks do start celebrating way too early and it gets super annoying. So we've found this site to shut those Ned Flanders up. It's only good for one day of the year, but it also helps when sending a not so passive aggressive message to get your point across.


Cook - No more waiting for your partner to decide

For all those out there who were forced to watch The Notebook, you may well be familiar with a viral meme that's made its way around the web a few times. In fact, you may have even experienced the frustration of asking your partner what they want to eat only to be met with “I don't know” a thousand times. Next time that happens, direct your indecisive partner to this doesn't hold back.


Create - Your own random character name

Next time you start a new Dungeons and Dragons game, head over to this site first. It generates a random name for you and even adds a backstory to that character if you wish. So no more wasting hours trying to find that quirky name, just go with one of these. Try it for yourself young warrior...jeez we're such nerds.