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Watch - Dedicate your binging time

You've most likely asked yourself "I wonder how long that show will take me to binge?". Well now folks, you'll finally have your answer. Enter your show of choice and you'll be given an exact time of how long it will take you to watch that series. Perfect if you're in need of catching up before a series finale and your pals can't keep their damn mouth shut and shower you with spoilers.


Explore - What's your WIFI code dude?

Ever get those annoying friends that turn up to your house and the first thing they ask for is your WIFI code? Well this site is basically like that, but instead of asking it tells you all of the passwords for pretty much every airport from around the world. So you can carry on exploring the web whilst you explore the world.


Learn - Understand your oldness

Pop your date of birth into this site and it will help you to contextualise how old you really are by comparing other famous people. They'll also tell you exactly how many days you've been floating around on this thing we call Earth. Do it yourself or share with a friend on their birthday just to make them feel that little bit older.


Play - Complete a digital Rubik's Cube

Right, before you get too excited, this is a basic 2d game that is similar to a rubik's cube. Instead of trying to get all sides a certain colour like you have to do on that pesky little cube, you just need to get the square you see on your screen one solid colour. Sounds basic, it is basic but, it sure takes your mind off some other boring work you got going on. Give it a go folks.


Challenge - Use random food

We all do this. We look inside our fridge way too many times and still don't know what to cook. Next thing we know is a pizza delivery boy is at your door holding that expensive sloppy bread with an excuse of a sauce. Don't do that to yourself again! Enter the items you have in your fridge and these guys will give you a recipe to cook with. If you have nothing, then go ahead and order that pizza.


Explore - Thinking of flying the nest?

If you've had enough of your country (not pointing fingers here) or you feel like Bilbo Baggins and in need of a fresh adventure, then you'd first need to understand if you can actually afford this big move. We know it's boring, but it could be the difference between you making it big in your new country of choice, or ending up on the streets and becoming a stripper. Use this site to give you an indication of living costs in different countries around the world.