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Listen - What you say?

If you're struggling to hear these days and find yourself muttering the word "what?" more often, then it's probably time you took a hearing test, and these folks kinda do that. They also help tune your instruments by playing a tone that the strings or keys should sound like. Fun story, the old man thought he heard "Poppadom preach" instead of "Papa Don't Preach", this site is dedicated to that ol' fart.


Create - Glue that shit together

Ever get the urge to glue random shit together? No? Just us then. This site tells you what glue to use if you plan on sticking two materials together. From glass on to steel, to carpet on wood. It's all in here. Maybe you're renovating your humble abode and you just need to know what sticks to what and what doesn't, to avoid shit happening.


Watch - A movie that won't make you ball your eyes out

If you're one of those folks who just wants a happy movie on a late Saturday evening, then you're going to love these guys. They give you the heads up if anything tragic is going to happen in the movie, such as a doggo dying, or a family member getting shot by another mafia gangster. So if you're looking to keep those tears at bay to impress a certain someone, this one is for you.


Cook - Mouldy food is no more

Chancing mouldy food is now a thing of the past. Enter the snack, fruit, veg or anything really of your choice, and these guys tell you how long it should last before the mould sets in and ruins it. Perfect for saving you a bit of cash, and also from wasting food. Leftover pizza though, that's all on you.


Play - Simulate your own traffic

A niche game we've got here for you. If you're a stickler for simulation, then jump in on this traffic management game that puts your skills to the test. Take on the heavy load of traffic and ensure the cars run smoothly to avoid causing blockers. Finding it easy? Then just up the difficulty by adding more trucks and slower drivers. It's remarkable how much time you'll spend on this.


Challenge - Don't skip leg day ya chicken

Sometimes you just want to focus on one set of muscles, whether that would be to get a bigger ass like Kim, or to just bulk up those biceps. Choose a muscle to work on from the diagram and you'll be given a set of exercises that are specifically chosen to strengthen that particular muscle. Remember, just don't skip leg day.