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Watch - Join a movie club with Secret Cinema

As we're all aware thanks to the UK's lockdown nandos chart, cinemas won't be returning anytime soon. In the meantime, Secret Cinema have created a virtual movie experience (yes, another virtual experience) bringing the cinema to your living room.


Play - Multiplayer games with friends

If you're a billy no mates at home right now, hit your friends up and try these multiplayer games. Just as a tiny note, there's a suggestion on here to walk around your house and play Pokemon Go. Just let that shit sink in for a sec...


Read - Browse some free books

Before buying new books, see if you can find anything on Goodreads. They have tons of free books you can read online instead of reading 50 Shades Of Grey Again.


Cook - Bring Pizza Pilgrims to you

You'll need to act fast with this one. Pizza Pilgrims send you all the ingredients you need to make and cook your own pizza. You then share a photo of your absolutely shocking pizza that you think looks decent, and they rate it.


Explore - The beauty of America

If you were planning on trekking through the glorious national parks during your holidays, we're pretty sure you're well aware that it's gone to shit now because of CHINA. Instead, you can watch others walking via the national parks cameras and virtual tours.


Learn - New exercise routines with Peloton

Steady there boys and girls, before suggesting this to your partner, just bare a thought of the shit that went down a few months back. If you're not a whiny little bitch and you want to learn some new exercise routines, you can grab a free 30 day trial with Peloton.


Watch - Football returns

The absence of football has made us feel every emotion on Phil Jones face (and there's a lot). However, football has returned! Well the Bundesliga has at least. If you're missing your football fix, you can watch it on one of these streaming channels.