Your box #5

Pick an item

Cook - Restruant quality burgers at home

If you're a fan of the Vurger Co, then you're in luck. If not, they're basically delicious burgers (to be honest what burgers aren't). Order yours before Wednesday and they will come in time for a Friday BBQ.


Explore - Try some weird bath bombs

We all know Lush, it's the place that smells like unicorn shit. Very handy if you want to have a relaxing evening or surprise your significant other with some poignant treats so that you can sit back and play GTA without being disturbed.


Challenge - Plant some vegatables

Grow and pick your own veg. It gives you something to do and will save you time and money from visiting the stores. Prince Charles will be pissed but he'll get over it.


Learn - Give a new langauge a go

Use those extra hours you would have spent commuting towards learning a new language. No more standing under a warm sweaty armpit.


Watch - The Lord Of The Rings Triology

One does not simply indulge in adventurous quests right now, but you can jump back into the world of hobbits and wizards on Netflix. It will keep you going for at least a day and you'll relieve this classic.


Create - Plan a road trip

Not now of course, we aren't recommending breaking Boris Johnson's lockdown anytime soon. When it's lifted though, you could have an epic road trip on your hands.


Explore - Food from around the world

Spice up your life (we promise we'll never say that again) by exploring recipes and spices from around the world. Each month you'll get a new box packed with some exotic spices for you to try.