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Create - Build your own site with Squarespace

Just because we created a website out of our boredom doesn't mean you have to. Although, if you've had an idea that you've been meaning to crack out for a while, well now's your time. Squarespace is idiot proof, you'll have a site in no time.


Play - Game a different way

Parsec is a game streaming platform that allows you to access video games anywhere and play local co-op games with your friends. If you've been thinking about splashing out on a new console, maybe check these guys out first. You could save yourself some cash.


Cook - Personalise your recipe suggestions

Yummly allows you to choose the ingredients you enjoy cooking (and eating) with to provide you with a list of personalised recipes. You're bound to find some new inspiration, and if not, there's always a pot noodle lurking at the back of a cupboard you can find comfort in.


Explore - Find some gems on Depop

Nope, it's not a Eurovision band. Depop is a place where people sell items they no longer want or need. Been eyeing up a new pair of trainers? Search for them on Depop first and you're pretty much guaranteed to get a much better deal for them. Some of the items haven't even been used!


Learn - Show off some tricks

Over the course of an hour, you'll learn 6 tricks that you can show off to your friends. Maybe don't actually show them off, you might look like a total dope. Instead, use them to get free drinks from your friends.


Watch - The Comedy Store Online

The Comedy Store have shared some of their greatest ever shows. If you've gotten bored of the daily UK comedy shown to the public at around 5, definitely give some of these a watch. Time Out describes them as "the greatest and most influential comedy club on the planet".


Challenge - Solve a Murder Mystery

Not Madeleine Mccann, even Sherlock wouldn't have been able to solve that one. This should be a tad easier. Solve it with friends or family but be sure to keep a notepad with you, those clues come hard and fast (you've got a dirty mind).