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Learn - How to drink really

Here's another excuse to drink during lockdown. Pull The Cork are offering online wine tasting lessons, so you can pretend to know what you're talking about when we're allowed to host dinner parties again. If you get called out to give your taste feedback on a white wine, just say you're getting gooseberry, it's always gooseberry.


Play - Take your team to glory

With the return of football upon us, you might be getting the urge to pick up your managerial post in your Football Manager career. If you haven't yet bought FM20, grab it for 50% off with CD Keys. If you've lived under a rock and never played it before, it's basically a world where it's possible for Ronaldo to manage Burton Albion.


Cook - Support a local charity through food

Join online cooking courses with Made In Hackney. They have a selection of upcoming classes over the next few weeks and months. From Indian cuisine to the basics of baking a good loaf of bread. They're also a charity, so you donate an amount and in return you get a cooking course, it's a cool idea.


Create - Never forget 2020...ever

Remind yourself of the time when we were allowed out and about by creating a photo album with all your favourite memories. You can get your book and photos from Photobox, just skip over 2020, this year is a glitch in the system.


Explore - You're a wizard, [Add your name here]

Grab your wand and step into the world of witches and wizards (it's not a weird site, trust us). Hogwarts Is Here is an experience created by fans for the fans. Create a character, enrol in online causes and meet some new folks. Think of it as a social media site for Harry Potter fanatics.


Watch - Re-watch your favourites with a twist...

You've most likely played a drinking game at some point in your life, but have you ever played a game whilst watching one of your favourite movies/series? Re-watch your top classics whilst playing a drinking game and getting buzzed with your buds. Literally a god send for all you shockingly shit beer pong players out there.


Create - Paint like a pro but for dummies

This is a great excuse for adults to act like children again. Pick a painting you want to paint from a variety of famous artists and when you're finished, hang it in prime position on the wall. Trust us, it's simple, very very simple. Van Gogh would really be proud...