About - The ego part

Why’d you rock up here? Everyone knows this is the part where we’re supposed to talk about ourselves and tell you how great we think we are. Well you know what? That’s boring.

You don’t need to know that shit and let’s be honest, you probably don’t even care. You haven’t come here for us to blow smoke up our own ass

The only thing you need to know is that we’re here as a daily cure to end your perpetual boredom.

About Benedict Cumberbatch and another dude looking bored

Now if you want to do us a solid one so we look good on all those social sites, you can drop us a line and give us a follow. Or whatever the hell they are calling it these days.

If not, no bother, we’ll let you get on with opening some kick ass boxes.

Wow, you're actually interested...

When you’re bored, you most likely just sit there and flow through social media like a goldfish exploring its bowl for the thousandth time. Our job is to break that bowl and let you explore a whole shitload of useful and entertaining ideas to cure your boredom. Granted, if you’re a goldfish you’d be a goner.

At The Bored Hoard, we roundup the best of the internet and box up ideas that we think are great for everyone. You’ll find these ideas on Google, but you’d need to spend an awful long time surfing the web, and let’s be honest, boredom and the internet only really ends up at one thing…


You’ll find a ton of boxes all in one place that we’ve hoarded away ready for you to come along and open as many as you like. Now we won’t take offence if you’re not keen on the suggestions. In fact, it just takes one good idea to set you free from being in a bored state.

Peace out ✌️