First of all, RIP StumbleUpon. Now we’re here for one reason and one reason only:

To give you cool sites you probably never knew exist in weekly boxes

If you haven’t quite yet grasped what we’re all about, let us break it down for you.

Open weekly boxes for free

Come back every Friday to rip open new boxes filled to the brim with kick ass items that you’ll absolutely love, or find completely and utterly useless. Remember folks, you’ll struggle to stumbleupon these ideas elsewhere. 

get a taco

Enter epic Giveaways

If you’ve opened all the boxes possible (wow you must be bored), or you’re waiting for next week’s box, then enter our monthly giveaways to be in for a chance of winning some seriously cool prizes. They’re free to enter, so don’t worry, no surprises appearing on your bank statement…not from us anyway.

I’m not bored, so why?

Yeah sure bud, you and me both. Just to be sure though, we’ve created a boredom quiz to give you an actual boredom rating. Also, you don’t actually have to be bored to visit The Bored Hoard. I mean, who wouldn’t want to know about some great sites going under the radar?

Another question?

To summarise folks


You stumbleupon the Bored Hoard every Friday (Or whenever you fancy).


Open a box or two, have a rummage around and explore some new sites you’ve likely never heard of.


Go off and have fun, then come back and do it all again.

If that’s not clear, we don’t know what is 🤷

A shrine to the late great StumbleUpon 🙏

Just like us, we know a lot of you folks loved StumbleUpon. Some of you may be wondering what happened to the giant that it once was, and we’re guessing a lot of you already know. Anyway, we have included some of the most asked questions about StumbleUpon for you to make peace. Fly high old friend.

What was the purpose of StumbleUpon?

The purpose of StumbleUpon was to help you good folks discover websites, photos and videos that were personalised to you based on your taste and habits.

Does StumbleUpon still exist?

Unfortunately no. StumbleUpon closed their doors on 30th June 2018 and we’re pretty sure their offices are now invested with dinosaurs from Jurassic Park.

What’s the new StumbleUpon?

Well, we like to think the Bored Hoard is the one and only true alternative. We don’t fire off random blog articles at you that make no sense.

Our categories

We split ideas into 9 main categories to make it easier for you to stumbleupon what you’re looking for. What’s the point in spending ages searching for something you don’t need or want? 


Ideas to get you far away from that couch and out and about into the great outdoors to smell that fresh air and step into some cow shit.


Discover all things gaming, from new online platforms to fun drinking games, it’s all in these boxes ready for you to open and start playing.


Swap microwave box meals for some online cooking inspiration. You won’t be the next Gordon Ramsey, but at least you’ll use up that pasta.


There’s only so much you can watch on Netflix, and that’s where this category comes in handy.


Block out the noise and let your ears take in a whole new variety of sounds, music and podcasts, perfect for doing something and nothing.


Go out of your comfort zone and take on challenges you never even dreamed of. So get up, suit up and remember, you’re doing great.


Open a whole new list of reading material that’s fun, interesting and sometimes completely wacky. You’ll struggle to find these in your downtown library.


Get those juices flowing and open your mind to new creative opportunities. From guru photography competitions to sharing your music creations. It’s all here.


We’re not completely useless. You’ll also find great ideas to help improve yourself and learn new skills to show off and who knows, maybe even earn that promotion.

FAQ (Fucking annoying questions)

Why do you have a squirrel as your logo? 🐿️

Why not.

Are the boxes free to open? 💸

Absolutely yes. You can open as many as you like and it won’t cost you a dime.

When are new boxes released? ⏰

Every Friday. If they’re not, it means we’ve forgotten but hey, that’s life.

How do you find your ideas? 🔎

Easy. We spend time searching the web, so you don’t have to

Are you reviving StumbleUpon? 👀

No. We handpick cool websites that we think you’ll love whilst providing witty commentary and content.

How do I enter into the Giveaway’s? 🎟️

Head on over to the Giveaway page. That will work wonders

I’ve got a cool site, how do I share it? 💡

Great. You can send your idea over to us at [email protected]

You haven’t answered my question 🙋

Ohh our bad. Go ahead and forward your question by messaging us on one of our social platforms.