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Ever just sat there and pondered to yourself the question of “how bored am I”. Of course you have, we all have at some point in our life. The problem is though, you never quite get an answer. You just judge your boredom level by yourself, similar to how you judge the amount of spaghetti you’re putting into a pot, it’s always too much or too little.

So to battle this problem, we’ve created a quiz to tell you exactly how bored you actually are. That way, you’ll know if you really are bored and to what extent.

How bored are you?

The ‘How bored are you’ quiz has five questions that have been created to calculate exactly how bored you actually are. You’ll get given a rating and from that, you will finally know the level of boredom you’re at, no more guessing. No matter the bored rating you get, we have enough suggestions to cure your daily boredom, even if you’re 100% bored (trust us, that’s some serious boredom).

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How bored are you memes

Sometimes, words just aren’t enough to explain your boredom state. So we’ve arranged some memes you can use next time someone asks you “how bored are you?”. We like to call them our How bored are you memes library. Quick and straight to the point you see. We’ve also included a quick tip on when would be the best time to use the meme.

bored or tired

Best used when you’re not quite sure if you’re bored or just very tired from that late night session of GTA.

bored parents

This is an absolute cracker to send on the family Whatsapp chat. The optimum of sarcasm summed up in one simple meme.

So bored

Now for you folks who know for sure that you’re well and truly bored, and need a friend to come and entertain you, this is the one for you. Also, get a grip.

Only boring people

Ahh the good old cocky response. If someone is annoying you, just fire this badass meme right back at them. You might not get a response, but at least they’ll leave you alone.

There’s a variety of memes from questioning whether it’s boredom or tiredness, to a condescending Mopheus dodging the question and reflecting the boredom back. If you think these are complete shite, remember this is only just a snippet though, and a few of our favourites. We’d recommend visiting these guys for extra bored memes.

How bored can you get?

That, my friend, is an excellent question. Until now, no one has really been sure. So we’ve made some handy tools that actually give you an indication as to how bored you really are. From our boredom stage rating, to the very quiz within this article, all to help you understand how bored you can actually get, especially whilst in lockdown.

Boredom also depends on many factors that are out of your control, so really, sometimes being bored isn’t actually your fault, so ease up on the guilt. Let’s take lockdown for example, who’d have thought we would have been contained to our houses for months on end, disturbing life as we know it. In fact, look around. Everything you see here was created from our very own boredom, for people like you who enter that boredom state.

‘How bored are you’ replies


Sometimes, especially around the older folks, the standard response you’ll get when you mention that you’re bored is “Ahh well you can clean the kitchen”. Yeahhh, not the best is it? They’re using your boredom to get their shit done, and we aren’t saying you shouldn’t help, but just make sure they aren’t taking you for a ride. We’ve gathered a list of the most common responses you are likely to get, so next time you hear one, run a mile and do some other shit.

You can help me clean the house

The favourite if you’re still at home with the parents or your partner is giving you a cheeky hint that you need to get your ass in gear and help around the house.

Well entertain yourself

Probably not the best thing to say to a teenager, you don’t know what kind of ideas you’re throwing into a complex mind.

Go play a game or something

Just because you have lots of games, doesn’t mean you’ve got one that will bring you out of boredom. When someone says this, it’s just a way to get you out of their hair.

Why don’t you watch something

‘Ahh gee, you know what, I didn’t think of that’. Is the first sarcastic thought that comes to mind. Let’s be honest, it’s probably the first thing you thought about.

As we said, these are only a few of the common ‘how bored are you’ replies that we’ve heard, we’re sure you have tons more. We would like to make an important point though. It’s not actually up to someone else to bring you out of boredom, only you can do that. We get it, some of the responses are frustrating, but let’s be honest, what are you expecting?

Best how bored are you answers

We’ve dealt with the responses you’ll get if you are bored, but what about if someone says they are bored to you? Well if you’re a true friend, you would recommend them to The Bored Hoard. If you are a bit of a knob, or fancy being a comedian for the day, there are a few answers we have gathered below that you could use.

Only boring people are bored

The good ol’ response, it’s an old one but always works. Just keep an eye on their face, you’re most likely get the judging head tilt.

Life has no remote, get up and change it yourself

A truly inspiring response. It could make your friend evaluate life choice and potentially make a change. Or, they might just go back to the sofa and finish those snacks. At least you tried.

Life is never boring, some people choose to be bored, boredom is a choice

This one will make you sound like a bit of an arse, but could just give them the kick they need to bring them out of boredom.

You should really visit The Bored Hoard

Now if your answer is this, then you sir or madam, are a truly smart and valuable friend. Go give yourself a pat on the back.

How bored are you meaning

What does being bored exactly mean? Millions of people speak these words on a daily basis, but don’t probably understand the extent of their boredom. If you’re searching for what bored means, let’s be honest, you’re probably bored. We believe being bored does not have one definitive answer, in fact, we class boredom into four main categories. Instead of letting you jump to the conclusion of your bored state, take our How bored are you quiz to get your answer.

Once you actually understand how bored you are, it will be easier to understand what you need to do to pull yourself out of it. Maybe a few Bored Hoard boxes could do the trick? Opening up at least 3 boxes will give you around 21 boredom busting ideas and if you still can’t find an idea you like, just go crazy and open the rest, they’re all free.

How bored are you jokes

bored funny

Boredom jokes have created some famous comedians in our lifetime, in fact, a bored personality is what makes some comedians hilarious. Just take Jack Dee for example, or even Karl Pilkington who always seems pissed off and just damn right bored.

Jokes are a great way to have a laugh and entertain you, giving you the energy and realisation to leave your boredom state behind. So we’ve scoured the best on the web to gather up some of our favourite bored jokes.

Scientists got bored of watching the Earth turn so after 24 hours

They called it a day

When I’m bored I like to sprinkle dried herbs into my palms

I have way too much thyme on my hands.

I’ve been bored recently so I have decided to take up fencing.

The neighbors said they will call the police unless I put it back.

Which question does Sherlock Holmes ask when he is bored?

Watson TV?

Yes we know, most of these are dad jokes, but don’t pretend like you won’t go and use them. Feel free to, you can find some more right here. We all need a bit of laughter in our lives, unless you’re a miserable sod.

How bored are you during quarantine?

Well, for us, we were super bored during the heights of quarantine. So bored in fact that we created The Bored Hoard, a daily cure for your perpetual boredom. For many of you though, the thought of creating your own site is, well, boring. Which is completely fair enough, and we don’t expect you to do that.

Some folks have made it through quarantine by taking up hobbies they wouldn’t have dreamt about under normal circumstances. I mean, who’d have thought we’d become a nation of sourdough lovers overnight, carefully monitoring the progress and constant kneads of the temperamental dough. It’s literally like having your own pet.

Others have taken to their gardens, and boy, those gardens have never looked so good. During the initial stages of lockdown, we flocked to the supermarkets worries that we’d run out of food. So instead we grab toilet roll as the next best alternative. We’ve planted fruits and vegetables vowing to “Grow for Britain”, when really we’d just keep the food for ourselves. Heck, we couldn’t even share toilet rolls, how did they expect us to share food?

I am bored, what should I do?

It’s best to first understand the extent of your boredom by taking our ‘How bored are you’ quiz. It gives us an idea on what to recommend and if you’re as bored as you think. Just as a snippet though, we’ll list a few ideas you may come across in some of our boxes.

Find new walking routes ?

Explore some new routes with AllTrails. You’ve probably walked down every field, road and alley in your area whilst in lockdown. AllTrails shows routes that you’ve probably never even noticed before in and around your area.

Jump aboard a Space Shuttle ?

Go infinity and beyond by exploring the inside of a space shuttle. It’s crazy to see just how small the amount of room these people have for such a long trip.

Plan a road trip ?

Now that we’re allowed to travel around a bit more, it could be a great time to plan your ideal road trip. You might not feel safe leaving the country yet, so this is a perfect alternative.

Join a movie club with Secret Cinema ?

Cinemas aren’t open just yet. So whilst you wait, jump on your sofa and join the Secret Cinema movie club. Every week, alongside thousands of other people, they’ll show a movie for you to watch, discuss and even ideas to dress up, if you’re into that.

As we said folks, that’s just a snippet of what you can expect to find in your boxes. So if you’re thinking all of the above ideas are totally nothing you would do, then cool, open some boxes to find something a bit more you. Just be sure to take the ‘How bored are you’ quiz first, it gives us a heads up at just how deep your boredom state is.

I’m bored what should I do on the internet?

The problem with online

You might be thinking ‘Isn’t this just the same question as above?’ and I’d say to you eagle eyed folks, no, it’s not and here’s why.

When you’re bored, there’s literally tons of things you can do on the internet. If you have parental control though, that makes it less fun. Anyway, you are literally connected to a world of possibilities with cool and interesting things you can do. Now at some point, you may have searched for a bored button, and we say to you sir, don’t. The internet wasn’t created for you to sit in your room and click a button in the hope it would cure you from boredom. That’s like going to space and not looking out the window.

We got a bit passionate there, but it’s true, there’s so much more you can do when you’re bored on the internet. It’s literally the purpose of The Bored Hoard to cure your boredom, and we’re well aware that spending hours searching for something to do on the internet might make you even more bored, and that’s where we come in.

How we cure your boredom

Normally when you’re bored, you have to go off and search for ideas that will pull you out of boredom. Or, you just sit there and flick through social media endlessly wasting your time and eventually watching a repeat of that shitty movie.

At The Bored Hoard, we’ve spent the time searching through the internet gathering up ideas that we think are great for everyone. You’ll find these on Google, but to find each and every one of them individually would take you a very long time, trust us, we’ve done it.

We basically package up the best that the internet has to offer, all in one place and we’ve hoarded it away ready for you to come along and open as many boxes as you like. You don’t have to like all the ideas in the box, in fact we’ve found that it just takes one good idea to set you free from the pit of boredom. Rip open some boxes, have a rummage around and see if you’ll find any ideas that give you a boost.

How to stop being bored

You’ll find endless blogs that will tell you how to stop being bored, but they don’t understand how bored you are or what you actually like. One blog might tell you to go on a walk, yet the idea of putting one foot in front of the other and stepping in dog shit just seems like a big fat no go. Another could suggest taking up a hobby, yeah no shit, you aren’t an 80 year old granny.

The point we’re trying to make is that everyone is different, and a well being blog just probably isn’t for you. Which is why even if you can’t stand some of our suggestions, there will still be something from a box you’ll find fun and entertaining. We’ve got more variety here than a Woolworths pick n mix, and we’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

Long answer short, the best way you can stop being bored is by visiting The Bored Hoard and opening some boxes. Peace out people.


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