The 10 Best Time Wasting Subreddits

Feeling bored and looking to nerd out on the best time wasting corners of Reddit? With over 100,000 communities, this place has endless rabbit holes for top-tier distraction, man.

In this post, I’ll reveal the best time wasting subreddits that are perfect hidden gem boredom busters guaranteed to trap you in a procrastination vortex of laughs, awe, and zoned-out bliss.

Whether you want the most amusing hidden subreddits, secret communities for entertainment, or just want to kill time LOLing for hours, I’ve got you covered, dude. These are the best time wasting subreddits for escaping boredom in the most entertaining ways possible.

Say adios to productivity and embrace some hilariously addicting subreddits the Reddit veterans don’t want you to know about. From surreal communities to viral sensations, these are the greatest distraction subreddits for getting lost down binge-worthy rabbit holes.

Ready to nerd out on some sweet, hypnotic boredom relief? Step right up and dive into these absurd time-sucking vortexes of comedy, nostalgia, awe and amusement. I just enabled an epic distraction spree that’ll make you wonder where your day went.

Best time wasting Subreddits

Here are 10 of the best time wasting subreddits for optimal boredom relief and hilarious time-wasting…

Miniature workers inflating grapes

r/Miniworlds 🔬

Mind-Blowing Miniature Worlds

I know tripping out on some super detailed tiny worlds sounds random, but trust me the miniature creations on r/Miniworlds will blow your mind. These talented artists build entire micro villages, landscapes, and scenes that look so insanely real.

Once you start zooming in on the nuanced buildings, trees, and tiny people, you’ll get utterly hypnotized for hours, forgetting this isn’t the real deal. I’m telling you, it’s one of the greatest obscure reddit communities, and the ultimate boredom-busting subreddit for hypnotic distraction.

Let yourself get miniaturized and completely absorbed into these imaginative little worlds, It’s one of the most mesmerizing ways to kill time and enjoy immersive boredom relief on Reddit.

Funny game glitch on facial features

r/GamePhysics 🎮

Absurd Gaming Glitches For Epic LOLs

Alright bored surfer, what I got for you is some primo entertainment in the form of wacked out gaming glitches. This classic subreddit r/GamePhysics delivers endless absurd video game fails and bugs that will have you busting a gut laughing.

We’re talking hysterical physics launches sending characters into orbit, animals going full psycho mode, worlds spinning into chaos – basically Hall of Fame gaming comedy gold. The ridiculous glitches here are some of the greatest obscure reddit communities for sheer entertainment.

Once you watch one vid of a horse launching into space or spider catapulting heroes, you won’t be able to stop. It’s impossible not to get sucked down this reddit rabbit hole. For easy, lighthearted laughs and boredom relief, r/GamePhysics is a top boredom-busting subreddit out there. To be honest, this was one of our favourite best time wasting subreddits.

Photo shot of family in the car from the 60'

r/TheWayWeWere 📸

Groovy Vintage Vibes Dude

It’s time for a far out trip back in time. The epic collection of nostalgic snaps on r/TheWayWeWere will take you on a righteous vintage joyride.

We’re talking intriguing photos of old city scenes, classic cars, tubular fashions, architecture, and rad folks from past eras all wonderfully preserved to marvel at. It’s one of the greatest secret reddit communities for a totally hypnotic blast from the past.

Let yourself get blissfully distracted digging these sweet vintage vibes as you discover hidden gems of old shops, events, and pop culture long forgotten. This boredom-busting subreddit offers a laidback portal straight into the past.

So if you feel like escaping the now for a relaxing trip down memory lane and want mesmerizing boredom relief, r/TheWayWeWere is the primo destination. The nostalgia here goes hard. Catch you on the far out side!

Multilayered colorful jello

r/OddlySatisfying ✨

Mesmerizing Eye Candy for Zoning Out

Alright now we’re talking mindless distraction, my Reddit friend. When you need to just vibe out and get hypnotized, r/OddlySatisfying will hook you up.

This epic obscure reddit community delivers a trippy collection of flawless fits, graceful loops, artistic designs, and other visual ASMR candy that will get you blissfully zoning out for hours.

It’s a soothing playground for your eyes and one of the top boredom-busting subreddits for unwinding. Just put your phone on infinite scroll and let the waves of pleasing sights wash over you.

Before you know it, you’ve wasted half the day away in a state of relaxed distraction. So if you’re looking for some hypnotic boredom relief and want to escape reality for a bit, dive into the chill vibes of r/OddlySatisfying.

Hybrid between a shark and a cow. A shaow?

r/HybridAnimals 🐯+🐔=🤣

Wacked Out Animal Mashups

Want some primo silly entertainment on those long zombie scroll sessions? Look no further than the wacked out animal mashups on r/HybridAnimals.

This goldmine subreddit collects the most absurd Photoshopped animal combos that will have you cracking up nonstop. We’re talking shorks (shark + pork), crahunds (crab + dachshund), peacats (peacock + cat) and other hilarious freaks of nature.

It’s one of the greatest secret subreddit communities when you need some lighthearted LOLs and boredom relief. The endless mutations here make for amazing hidden gems that offer hours of entertainment.

So next time you need some major laughs or want to get lost down an amusing reddit rabbit hole, dive into the natural oddities on r/HybridAnimals. It’s a wild and silly boredom-busting subreddit for your scrolling pleasure.

Tribe lead explains his signature in a video

r/DeepIntoYouTube 📺

Dive Into the Weirdest Forgotten Videos

Ok bored surfer, want to go on a trip into the oddities of forgotten internet history? I got just the place – the endless rabbit hole that is r/DeepIntoYouTube.

This obscure reddit community dives deep to uncover the most bizarre, creepy and downright inexplicable videos with barely any views. We’re talking vintage film experiments, obscure music videos, weird animations, and other oddities you won’t find anywhere else.

It’s a mystifying descent into the strangest corners of the web. For real odd entertainment and boredom relief, this is one of the best boredom-busting subreddits out there.

So strap on your spiral sunglasses and prepare for a weirdly wild ride into the dustiest corners of the digital archives. You’ll never know what you’ll unearth in this addicting time-sink!

An rare albino lobster

r/BeAmazed 🤩

Jaw-Dropping Wonders to Inspire You

Need a boost of inspiration and pure awe? The incredible real-life feats on r/BeAmazed are sure to drop your jaw, dude.

This epic obscure reddit community delivers unbelievable talents, extraordinary animals, mind-blowing facts, and inspirational tales that will leave you wondering “how is that possible?” It’s one of the most uplifting boredom-busting subreddits for brightening your day with positivity.

Marvel at people with superhuman abilities, crazy coincidences, recoveries that defy science, and general wonders that remind you how amazing the world really is. You’ll get lost for hours going down this rabbit hole of fascination.

For a rollercoaster ride of pure awe and eye-opening, faith in humanity-restoring entertainment, dive into r/BeAmazed. Your boredom will quickly drift away, replaced with inspiration. Carry on reading our best time wasting subreddits if you haven’t found something to tickle your curiosity yet. F

A Japanese commercial with Arnold Schwarzenegger

r/ObscureMedia 🎞️

Unearth Rare Media Forgotten By Time

Want to take a far out journey into the dusty corners of entertainment history? Then click on over to the tubular time machine that is r/ObscureMedia.

This radical obscure reddit community digs up and preserves forgotten media relics like vintage commercials, weird film/TV clips, audio recordings, and other cultural gems lost to the sands of time. It’s a primo destination for uncovering hidden treasures.

With its endless stream of uncanny historic finds you won’t see anywhere else, you’ll get blissfully lost for hours down this rabbit hole. We’re talking super rare sights and sounds that will transport you back to forgotten eras.

So if you’re looking for a totally hypnotic trip into the media obscura of yesteryear, look no further than r/ObscureMedia, friend. Your boredom will quickly drift away as you binge this gnarly archive. Cowabunga!

Destroyed land

r/UrbanHell 🏙️

Can’t Look Away From Depressing Urban Decay

Alright, I know exploring depressing urban disaster zones may seem bleak, but hear me out. The gloomily fascinating places featured on r/UrbanHell have an irresistible gritty allure.

We’re talking dreary Soviet architecture, environmental catastrophes, dilapidated infrastructure, urban planning nightmares – it’s all gloom and doom but you just can’t look away.

This obscure reddit community offers an eye-opening look into some unexpectedly grim corners of the world that serve as a hypnotic distraction.

While r/UrbanHell is certainly one of the more morbid boredom-busting subreddits, it does provide eerie entertainment as you gawk in disbelief at these real-life disaster zones.

So if you’re looking for an odd fix of bleak boredom relief, take a ride through the depressing urban landscapes and decay captured on this grimly engaging subreddit. Just don’t blame me if you emerge feeling gloomy!

A peculiar question from AskReddit

r/AskReddit 🤔

Addicting Conversations Down the Rabbit Hole

Last but not least on our best time wasting subreddits, we have the OG boredom destroyer that is AskReddit. The endless fountain of fascinating questions and discussions here make it one of the easiest ways to get hooked on Reddit for hours.

AskReddit contains every topic imaginable from thought-provoking hypotheticals to comedic absurdities. You’ll find yourself 3 hours deep in an endless scroll of the most intriguing, entertaining, and binge-worthy conversations before you know it.

Once you start going down the rabbit hole of hilarious comments, insightful takes, personal stories, and genuine wisdom, good luck pulling yourself away from this vortex. AskReddit offers a constant fix of distraction and entertainment that destroys boredom.

So if you’re looking for an obscure reddit community that encourages addiction, check out the epic convos happening 24/7 on AskReddit. Just don’t blame me when you look up and realize it’s 2am!

I just enabled an epic Reddit distraction mission for ya. So embrace the hypnotic vortexes and kiss productivity adios! Just don’t blame me when you wake up wondering where your day went.

For real though, with this ultimate collection of the best time wasting subreddits, you now have the primo destinations for falling down those addicting reddit rabbit holes and obscure internet communities.

I aimed to hook you up with the greatest obscure subreddits for entertainment, laughs, awe, and hypnotic zoning out. Whether you’re looking for a mental vacation, absurd humor, or just want to nerd out on the hidden gems of Reddit, these subreddits deliver primo boredom relief.

So go forth – explore miniature worlds, laugh at glitches, embrace nostalgia, find inspiration, and dive down any number of amusement vortexes in these communities. Just be warned – once you start scrolling these addicting subreddits, don’t be shocked when you look up at 3am wondering where the time went.

But hey, wasting epic amounts of time laughing and being amazed is what the best boredom-busting subreddits are for.

Do you have any other recommendations for best time wasting subreddits? Let us know in the comment section right below! I live to enable your escapism, so hit me up anytime for more sweet procrastination fuel.

For now, I hope you enjoy getting lost down these entertaining rabbit holes of best time wasting subreddits. Catch ya on the hilariously distracted side.


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