Discover the 5 best Christmas websites of 2023

Step into the enchanting realm of cyberspace as Bored Hoard unwraps the holiday magic with our latest blog: “Discover the 5 Best Christmas Websites of 2023.” This festive season, we’re your digital sleigh, navigating the vast landscape of the web to curate a merry collection of online wonders that embody the spirit of Christmas.

Dive into the digital festivities with us as we explore these best Christmas websites tailored to make your yuletide celebrations extraordinary. From secret Santa shenanigans with “Draw Names” to unraveling the mysteries of gift-giving with “WTF Do They Want,” our curated list ensures that the online world is your go-to holiday haven.

even titans like christmas presents

Experience the magic of granting wishes on the “Wishful Tree” and embark on a heartwarming journey of family heritage with “Genea.” And, if your idea of festive fun involves friendly competition, join us on “Board Game Arena” for a virtual board game extravaganza.

This blog is your passport to a digital wonderland where Christmas joy knows no bounds. So, get ready to swap tinsel for pixels as we uncover the 5 best Christmas websites of 2023—your guide to a season brimming with online merriment!

The best Christmas websites

drawnames cover

Draw Names

As the festive season draws near and your schedule brims with engagements, it’s high time to plan that anticipated Christmas dinner with your buddies. If you find yourself yet to coordinate your Secret Santa exchange, fear not; we’ve unearthed an extraordinary solution. Simply input the names and emails of your friends, set a budget, and let the site handle the rest. A notification email will promptly inform each participant about their Secret Santa match.

The platform even boasts a playful array of affordable and whimsical gift options, making it an ideal choice for the occasion. Discover the ease and joy of organizing your gift exchange with one of the best Christmas websites out there. Embrace the convenience, add a sprinkle of fun, and ensure your Secret Santa gathering is both seamless and memorable.

wtfdotheywant cover

WTF Do They Want

‘Tis the season when the pressure of finding gifts for those enigmatic individuals starts to mount, and frankly, you might not be overly concerned. So, next on our list of the best Christmas websites is one that helps to alleviate the burden; simply respond to a few questions about the person, and voila! Receive tailored gift suggestions aligned with your answers. If, by chance, the recipient isn’t thrilled with the gift, fret not; chances are, you won’t have to face them until the festive season rolls around again next year. 

So, no need for concern – let the site handle the heavy lifting, ensuring your gift-giving experience is not only effortless but also a delightful success.

wishfultree cover

Wishful Tree 

Here’s a spot in the digital realm where you can share your thoughts or the desires you harbor for the year, and they’re displayed for all to peruse in the vast expanse of the internet. If this aligns with your preferences, select a virtual bauble, articulate your wish, and adorn the Christmas tree of the web with it. 

Now, all that’s left is to cross your fingers and hope that your wish materializes into reality. Explore the magic of the season with one of the best Christmas websites where your aspirations take center stage.

genea cover


Ever had the notion to construct your family tree but found yourself perpetually uninterested? Well, here’s the nudge you’ve been waiting for—a complimentary tool to make it happen. Now, you can delve into the intriguing task of researching your family history and nurturing those family tree branches. 

Better get it sorted before Christmas rolls around, as the annual family gathering might not be as appealing once you’ve embarked on this genealogical journey. 

boardgamearena cover

Board Game Arena 

Discover the ultimate gaming hub, crowned as the world’s top platform for engaging in online board games. Dive into a collection of over 500 board games directly from your web browser, challenging millions of opponents across the globe. Say goodbye to lonely game nights—this platform ensures you’ll never be a solitary player again. 

We strongly suggest marking this site as a favorite; it’s a game-changer for both lively game nights and those times when your enthusiasm for board games surpasses your friends and family’s tolerance for competitiveness. This is one of our top picks for our list of best Christmas websites to explore and it promises endless entertainment and global competition. 

That’s a wrap folks

As the curtain falls on this digital celebration, may these best Christmas websites infuse your season with joy, laughter, and the magic of online merriment. Embrace the convenience, explore the heartwarming experiences, and let the virtual wonders of the season unfold on your screen (wow, did we just become a poet? Miracles do happen). 

Have a good one on us

Happy holidays, and may your online celebrations be nothing short of extraordinary in the realm of the best Christmas websites.


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