Bored? Rip open 1 of our free content boxes

We’re The Bored Hoard, and our sole goal is to be your daily cure for perpetual boredom. That’s it. That’s all we want to do. Because being bored totally sucks. So go ahead and open some free content boxes.

How can you cure my boredom?

Remember when you gave a gift to a child, and sometimes, all they want to do is play with the box? Well that’s kind of us, but way better. Because what we do is deliver a weekly box filled to the brim with content, right here, for you to dive into.

The box will have a ton of ideas that you can use to keep yourself busy. From codes to try free trials of the online gaming platform, AirConsole. To tips on how you could host virtual events that you probably never even thought of. Best part is, when you’re done with your box, you just go right ahead and move on to the next box. Use as much or as little of the free content boxes as you want.

What to do when you’re bored?

free content boxes

We asked ourselves the same question, and it led to the creation of The Bored Hoard. Now we’re not going to suggest you go off and spend ages learning how to build a website, only for the lockdown measures to be lifted and half of your completed site becomes a thing of the past.

Instead, we’ve pulled out a few pieces of content that you would find in our weekly free content boxes.

  1. AirConsole – Play for 30 days free on the online video game console.
  2. Take a virtual trip – Explore 30 different locations around the world.
  3. The Conqueror – Take on a virtual fitness challenge and collect medals.

If you’re not keen on these, there’s tons of other ideas in our free content boxes that could pull you from boredom. Have a look for yourself here.

What does bored mean?

Well it’s not the same as board that’s for sure. Now the good folks over at Cambridge dictionary have defined bored as

Feeling unhappy because something is not interesting or because you have nothing to do.

Here at The Bored Hoard, we believe there is more than one definition of the word bored. Because one mans (or woman, we’re equal here) boredom is another’s entertainment. So we’d like to suggest a definition of our own, if it’s cool with you guys.

Bored means…

Not knowing what the fuck to do with yourself so you watch YouTube videos all day until you’re in so deep that you’re watching a grandma put a cat in to a watermelon and treating it as fucking turtle

There’s literally millions more definitions. Tell us what being bored means to you over at that place where the blue bird doesn’t stop bloody tweeting.


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