3 major things you must do when you are bored

As a great random person once said “Being bored is an insult to oneself”. Don’t insult yourself with when you are bored. Follow us and we’ll do it instead.

Bored at home? Here’s what you can do

Being bored at a time like this is majorly not cool. In case you’re reading this in the future, we’re currently in day whatever it is of lockdown. It’s where Thursday feels like a gloomy fucker of a Monday, and you’re fighting over the last crumbs of bread in the house.

Yep, it’s officially the time when boredom has entered a new realm. Luckily, we’ve got a list of things to do when you are bored to pull you from this blackhole of dullness. Think of us as a savior out of the abyss to give you some ideas to get your ass off that sofa, and into something a bit more entertaining than Bargain Hunt. Yes we really are blowing smoke up our own ass here.

Here’s what you can do.

  1. Open your first content box and have a rummage around to see if anything takes your fancy.
  2. If you don’t find anything you like, try the second one
  3. Now if you’re still not satisfied, there’s a final third box for you to open.

Found anything? Jeez you’re a hard crowd. You should probably just grab your coat and leave…

The Bored button has been…unblocked

When a bear realises that humans aren't that advanced...

As the human race has evolved and become more advanced with tools, technology and the general improvement of living conditions. Surely the same should happen with our state of boredom, no?

Well surprise mother fucker. Some of you fine people are resorting to pressing a big button in the hope that it will cure your boredom. We’re going to be honest, we’ve tried it too, and quite frankly we would prefer to push a feminist buttons. You’ll get a way better reaction.

A few months back, the bored button site went down. This sent some of you folks into complete meltdown and shock, not knowing what to do when you are bored or entered the boredom state. Some of you even took to Reddit to look for answers as to why the damn site was down. Here’s a few of our favourites:

I’m having some trouble too. No matter how many times I keep clicking, it always sends me to the stupid Dots and Boxes game.

Same I’m stuck on the slap kirk thing for days

I’m stuck on beatboxing in french

The guys have literally wasted their valuable boredom time! Now lucky for these complete nut jobs, the bored button site is back up. Steady there though fine people of earth. Before you go rushing over to a big button, ask yourself the question. Do you want to be a nut job stuck on french beatboxing site?

If no, then please, be…our…guest and put our service to the fucking test!

(We’re totally not ashamed of that Beauty and The Beast reference there)

Open your first box right here.


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