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Apr 17
80+ fun, interesting and cool websites to visit in 2021

First of all, we are more than a blog. We’re not here to slap you with a finite list…

Jun 14
A complete bored guide of fun and easy ideas

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May 24
How to cope with being bored in lockdown

Being bored is quite simply, the worst. It’s a lackluster state of mind where the…

May 17
What stage of boredom are you at?

You’ve probably seen the genius that is Boris Johnson announce his Nandos chart to…

May 09
3 major things you must do when you are bored

As a great random person once said “Being bored is an insult to oneself”. Don’t insult…

May 05
Bored? Rip open 1 of our free content boxes

We’re The Bored Hoard, and our sole goal is to be your daily cure for perpetual…