7 Extremely fun websites to visit in 2022

Just like a rodeo cowboy sweltering in the summer heat of the wooden sandy arena, we too are doing some rounding up of our own. Fun websites to visit in the good ol’ year of 2022. Ready for you to spend some valuable boring time to help get you over the 5 o’clock mark on every damn day of the working week. 

This is us as cowboys

We’ll list the sites that we’ve found to be most popular with Hoarders, causing a stampede over to these fun websites that keeps them entertained or distracted for a few blissful moments. Now not all of these websites will be of your desire, so you’ll have to stick with us on a few of them and then make your own judgment at the end…if you stay with us that long. 

We will also give our honest opinion, but at the end of the day when the horse has bolted, it’s really up to you, so do let us know if any of these fun websites to visit take your fancy or even if you have another one you’d like to suggest. We’re all ears. 

Fun websites to visit…let’s begin

Right, without further ado we’ll get started but just one last thing before we move onto the fun websites to visit. If you like what you see, do us a solid one and follow us on your favourite social sites. Now…we begin!

Fucking Famished

fuckingfamished cover

Fucking Famished is perfect for when you have no idea where you should go to eat. It’s a no nonsense straight talking site that helps you to decide what and where to eat but be warned, it’s packing no punches. If you’re easily offended you should probably head for Google instead and discover food places the old fashioned way.  

If you’re not keen on the food or place Fucking Famished has suggested then simply tell it so and it will provide you with another sarcastic and profanity led suggestions. It’s all good fun really, and it’s perfect for your indecisive partner. 

Really Boring Website 

reallyboringwebsite cover

The Really Boring Website is all about keeping you entertained whilst you are bored (hmm that sounds familiar). All you need to do is choose a nickname for yourself, join a room and start playing. 

You’ll be given a list of challenges that you’ll need to type the answer to whilst keeping to a specific time limit. Other users will vote to decide if your answer is valid or if you’re completely and utterly wrong. 

Judge My Spotify 

pudding2 cover

Judge My Spotify allows a completely independent review into your music taste based on A.I and will review how awful the music you listen to really is. Whether you’re a secret Britney fan, or a cool indie rocker, there’s no hiding from this judge. 

We found that this game was hilarious to play when your pals come over for a game night along with some proper music playing in the background and drinks on ice…perfect. 

These Lyrics Do Not Exist 

These Lyrics Don't Exist cover

These Lyrics Do Not Exist is all about providing you with a set of lyrics that well…don’t exist. They use artificial intelligence to create songs based on three categories; Topic, Genre and Mood. 

Once you’ve decided if you want sad Emo vibes or annoying pop screaming, the nifty site will provide you with a set of lyrics that match the vibe you’re going for. It’s basically what Ed Sheeran does. 


catflix cover

Catflix is an epic site packed with short movies/videos about cats reenacting famous movie scenes.Titanic, Stranger Things and Star Wars to name a few have featured on this free streaming site. 

That’s not even the best part though. The site is created by Champion Cat, a cat food brand that had a mission to raise awareness for the welfare of cats. We salute you folks! 

SealCentral Unblocked Games 

sealcentral cover

SealCentral hosts a ton of free unblocked games to keep you entertained through the dullest of boring moments. Their collection of games include Minecraft, FNF, Roblox and so much more, you’ll spend hours on this site.

Our Hoarders have been shouting from the rooftops for unblocked game sites and although we have already featured a few; we are also well aware that you can never have too many. 

Classic Minecraft 

classic minecraft cover

Let’s face it, we all love Minecraft. This site does exactly what it says on the tin, it allows you to play classic Minecraft in your browser which will 100% keep you entertained for hours on end. 

You’ll also be able to invite a total of 9 friends to join your room and collectively build together. Now the graphics aren’t probably what you are used to, but the clue is in the name. This is one of our top choices of fun websites to visit in the office.

Promote your website

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Now if you’re on mobile as most of the world is these days, just tap the menu and the “Add cool site” button will magically appear. All you have to do now is follow the steps and before you know it you’re riding on into the sunset with a bunch of new folks on your site. 

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What’s this all about?

Ohh, well we are glad you asked. You see if you find the sites that we’ve listed above interesting then boy oh boy are you in the right place. The Bored Hoard has over 500 cool, interesting and fun websites to visit that are just waiting to be discovered by curious folks like yourself and remember; these aren’t easily found on Google, unless you know the name of the site of course. 

Ehm, yeah, you got to know the name

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